Oleg solomon

Dear friends,

The Dentistry study program has the mission to train highly qualified well-rounded specialists, able to maintain the oral health of the population and to ensure the prevention of dental diseases. It is aimed at promoting modern methods and concepts and using effective management in the diagnosis, treatment and prophylaxis of dental diseases.

The Faculty of Dentistry operates based on modern principles, its members being open and oriented towards progress and continuous development. Due to this fact the prestige of the Faculty, which is among the most appreciated entities at regional level, and the young people’s interest in the Dentistry specialty keep on growing.

The faculty has confirmed its prestigious reputation over years, through the specialists it has trained, continuing to take all necessary steps to enhance the quality of studies and the performance of the medical act. A special emphasis is placed on the modernization of specialized clinics by their endowment in accordance with the contemporary requirements, on the continuous training of the scientific-didactic staff, as well as on the strengthening of collaboration relations with other institutions in the area.

Many of our graduates have become well known at local and international level and their achievements constitute a recognition of the effort made by the entire University team in charge of their training as specialists.


Oleg Solomon, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry,

Associate Professor, PhD in medical sciences.


  About the Faculty

The Faculty of Dentistry of Nicolae Testemitanu SUMPh plays a fundamental role in the training of dentists for the national health system, in the development of research in medical-dental science, as well as in providing quality healthcare to the population.

Currently, at the Dentistry Faculty of Nicolae Testemitanu SUMPh there are over 860 students, of which about 319 came from Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Turkey, Germany, the USA, Great Britain, Sweden, Portugal, Italy, Greece and others. Future dentists are trained in Romanian, Russian and English. Students have the opportunity to develop their practical skills at the University Dental Clinic and at the University Dental Center, both entities being endowed with modern high performance equipment.

The faculty initiated a process of curricular reorganization by reviewing the study programs and bringing them in line with the international standards of medical higher education. In the meantime, the university curriculum has been modified and diversified by introducing new specialty disciplines.

In order to improve the training and research process, the Faculty collaborates with specialized institutions from the USA, France, the Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Greece, Belarus, Syria, etc. Moreover, with the application of the transferable credit system, new opportunities for interuniversity academic mobility of students and scientific-teaching staff have been launched.

The Faculty of Dentistry is part of the European network of dental faculties, being evaluated under the DentEd Program by the Commission of Dental Medical Education of the Directorate for Education and Culture of the European Union. In May 2018, the Dentistry study program was accredited by the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Education and Research and by the Dental Council of the State of California, the USA, which confirms its correspondence to the required international standards. Thanks to this external evaluation, in 2019, the International Dentistry Program has been introduced, only for American citizens for the time being.

The cooperation relations with similar institutions from several countries, that have been maintained and consolidated in the past years, also contribute substantially to the continuous development of the Dentistry Faculty. An example in this regard is the Faculty of Dentistry of Gr. T. Popa University of Medicine and Pharmacy from Iaşi, Romania. We jointly held the first congress Iaşi-Chişinău, which addressed important issues such as new diagnostic methods and treatment of dental conditions and was attended by academic staff members, students and resident doctors from Romania, the USA, France, Great Britain, Belarus.

Under a partnership between the Association of Dental Students of the Republic of Moldova and the Society of Dental Students of Iasi, medical students guided by teaching staff, participated in Stomis International Congress of Young Doctors, Students and Residents together with young people from Romania, Ukraine, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Macedonia.

Our Faculty has also established a fruitful collaboration with the School of Dentistry of the University of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, the USA. This partnership envisages exchange of experience, organization of courses, seminars, video conferences for students, resident doctors and academic staff. With the support of volunteer dentists from the USA, during the last 20 years, dental services have been provided to orphans and people from needy families of the Republic of Moldova.

The Faculty of Dentistry has gained extensive experience through the academic mobility of teaching staff, students and physicians-residents to several dentistry schools of the USA, Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Germany, etc.

Faculty members attend various republican and international forums in Romania, Russia, Bulgaria, Germany, France, the Netherlands, the USA, etc. All innovations presented at these scientific events are applied in the scientific-didactic activity, contributing to raising the level of dental care provided to patients.

Future dentists take part in various extracurricular activities: sports competitions, cultural events, contests, etc. At the same time, young people actively participate in volunteering, such as free dental consultations offered on World Oral Health Day and the distribution of informative materials on oral hygiene.